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The Contributors

Gavin Munro


Originally a portrait painter, Gavin's been working on this project for the last 12 months and has managed to gather more information about Curt Claudio than anyone else.

"Its been a labour of love talking to friends and family of both Curt & John and learning about the times they both lived through.


I've discovered lots of new information and I'm looking forward to sharing this with everyone."


Ernie Claudio

associate producer

older brother

As Curt's older brother, Ernie has shared his stories of growing up with Curt and the times they lived through in northern California.

"When Curt returned home, he was upset with John. He felt like John had let him down.

This documentary will bring people together, it shows Curt's true character. Through Gavin's story, I feel closer to Curt and the life he had."


Dan Richter


 John Lennon's assistant

Once described by Sir Arthur C Clarke as the most famous unknown actor in the world Dan Richter is best known as 'Moonwatcher' the man-ape in the opening sequence of Stanley Kubrick’s '2001: A Space Odyssey'. A film which he also choreographed. 


Dan has had a long career as a mime, choreographer, actor, director, producer, memoirist, and for two decades a Hollywood executive.  His memoir 'The Dream is Over' describes the years he lived and worked with John Lennon and Yoko Ono from 1969 to 1973.

Dan was there, at the meeting of John and Curt. He's shared many stories of that day and what it was like to be the assistant of the ex-Beatle...

"I was there that day when Curt arrived, I stood in the middle of him and Lennon.


He was clearly vulnerable around the time we met.'

I'm very interested to see what he real story was because it was always a mystery"

Linda Davis



Being Curt's girlfriend in the latter stages of his life, Linda's insights have shown him with the guard-down. She's been invaluable in showing us the essence of Curt's character...


 "I always thought he could do anything.


He was one of the smartest and most caring people I've known.

I’m so happy the truth about Curt is being told."

profile enhanced_edited.jpg

Dayton Claudio


younger brother

Now an artist , based in California Dayton Claudio's recollections of he and his brother's childhood have given fascinating insights into Curt's character...

"As his younger brother, I knew I could rely on him in tough times.

He was a good soul with a big heart."

Diana Robertson


John Lennon's secretary

On Diana's first day working for John she typed out the now-famous letter to the queen to accompany the MBE he was returning. She lived at Tittenhurst Park with the Lennons and remembers Curt's visit well...


 "He was  very quietly spoken and  seemed gentle.


He was also rather beautiful and had a sort of stillness about him."


Ray Connolly

advisor/ writer

A confident of Lennon's for years and his biographer, there's not much Ray doesn't know about him. Ray's provided some great information on John and also has wrote the introduction to this story...

"Millions of viewers have now seen the encounter with Lennon in the film Imagine and asked themselves the same questions.

And now, after years of enquiry, British artist Gavin Munro has come up with some of the answers in this sad little story,  this fragment of time that in so many ways defines its moment."

Mike Fenton Stevens


The Godfather of the voice-over will be reading the audiobook and narrating the documentary.

The name may not be familiar but his vocal tones will be. Mike has been a fixture of British TV for the last 40 years. His TV/film credits include Tiswas, Spitting Image, The Bill, Only Fools and Horses, The Rita Rudner TV Show (US), Smith & Jones, Eastenders, Coronation Street, Outnumbered, My Family, Not Going Out and many more.

"It's a real mystery to a lot of Lennon fans, I'm happy to be involved in demystifying it for them"

alex designer.jpeg

Alex Wong

motion graphics/titles designer

Alex is a Graphic Illustrator, graphic designer, and UX Designer based in LA, California.


His illustrations and motion graphics will help tell Curt's story through a unique visual medium.


"I'm so glad to be a part of this project in honoring Curt’s life"

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Antony Rotunno

consultant editor

Beatles writer and host of the Glass Onion on John Lennon podcast, Antony is a multi-disciplined part of the team, invaluable for keeping the story balanced and the checking the Beatles related facts.


"I'm excited to be involved in this project, it's a fascinating story and one that needs to be heard"

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antony rotunno 2.jpeg

Martha Claudio- mother 

"I hope that Curt's story will remind people of the dangers of psychedelics"

Chuck Menoza- friend

"I was in a band with Curt when we were kids with our friends from the class of 66"

Monica Merenda- friend

"Curt was a wonderful and talented individual with a heart of gold"

Sandy- friend

"He was a real man of the times, and boy they were crazy times!"

Stuart Rawlinson- original music composer 

"Curt's story is a fascinating one. I'm really happy to be involved in it by helping to move the narrative forward through music."

Special Thanks to...

Mark Lewisohn, Antony Rotunno, Ray Connolly, Tray Webb, Mike Fenton Stevens, Sandra Cates, Chip Erwin, John Armstrong, Maurice Brown, Tim Hoerle, Ian Burns, Danie Reader, Sara Schmidt, Paul Ray Burns, Kyle Kresge, Pat Schaffarczyk, Rob Mather, Marsha Webb, Daniel Rachel, Paul Dancey, Steve Pionk, Terence Haynes, Stevie Riks, Bay Area News, The Argus, Veronica Martinez, Bill Ledgewood, Dennis Akizuki, Gennifer Ulmen , Matt Morris, Barry Miles

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